How Can You Find the Train Schedule for Indian Railways?

The train schedule for Indian Railways can be found on the government site of Indian Railways ( By clicking the title Trains at a Glance in the Information section, the visitor gains access to an index of timetables.

After choosing the title Trains at a Glance, the visitor should click Select Table No, next to the title Table Index, and a list of tables should appear, with titles featuring the places the train stops in, from the departure point to the destination point. Once a table is selected, a page appears featuring a detailed timetable with labels in English, such as train name, train number, class of accommodation and days of departure.

If looking for the train schedule of a specific zonal railway, the site visitor can find links to all zonal railway websites by clicking on Other Railway Websites in the Information section. The timetable for reserved trains can also be found on the government site of Indian Railways, in the section Services, under the title Reserved Train Schedule. However, in order for the viewer to access the timetable, he is required to enter the train name or number. International tourists can seek further help with timetables and reservations from International Tourist Bureaus. Contact information for ITB can be found by clicking on International Tourists in the Information section.