How Can Traffic Jam Problems Be Resolved in Jakarta?

According to reports in the Antara News on Jan. 8 2014, the local government of Jakarta led by Governor Joko Widodo intends to purchase 4,000 public vehicles that include 3,000 medium-sized buses and 1,000 buses for the Transjakarta Busway. Widodo claims the procurement of the said buses will solve the traffic jam problems that have plagued the city for decades, and it will be done in phases.

Jakarta Globe reports that IBM Indonesia has an innovative solution for the traffic jam problems within the city that is technology-based. The project would be very similar to the Smarter Cities project implemented in Rio de Janeiro as the city prepares to host the 2014 World Cup, where all the traffic is coordinated from a control room with access to data relevant to the city. Such a system would have all the data that may affect traffic such as weather conditions, risk of national disasters, emergencies and riots. Other cities in Asia with central systems similar to Rio include Davao in the Philippines that has a command center to improve public security and Zhenjiang in China that has IBM software in its transportation system. The software predicts traffic jams before they happen, which allows authorities to be better prepared.