Where Can You Find Traffic Information?


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Travelers can find traffic information by calling 511 or by visiting the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration website. Each state has its own DOT information, and many regions offer information about current traffic conditions, expected construction sites and road closures.

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Dialing 511 is not available in all regions, but it is available in most major cities, and it offers timely updates every few minutes. The 511 service offers updates on many different conditions, including public transportation interruptions, fares, routes, weather conditions, road conditions, schedules and many other services. The 511 service also offers more route-specific information than other services.

There are many different causes for traffic, including:

  • Bottlenecks, which account for up to 50 percent of congestion
  • Traffic incidents and accidents, which account for up to 25 percent of congestion
  • Work zones and construction, which account for up to 15 percent of congestion
  • Bad weather, which accounts for up to 10 percent of congestion
  • Poor signal timing, which accounts for up to 5 percent of congestion

There are many other resources for travelers available, including:

  • The AccuTraffic system, which is a nation-wide system that offers current weather and traffic information for travelers
  • Beat the Traffic, which offers information for various cities
  • HERE Traffic Information
  • SigAlert
  • Smart-Traveler Information
  • TrafficLand.com
  • AccuWeather
  • Intellicast Highway Conditions
  • National Weather Service
  • Safe Travel USA
  • Travel Cities Weather
  • Weather Channel Traveler Weather
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