Can You Track Air Transat Flights Online?

Can You Track Air Transat Flights Online?, and are examples of websites that offer global, online flight-tracking services for commercial airlines, including Air Transat. provides flight departure and arrival times but does not offer live flight tracking as of May 2015.

To track an Air Transat flight using any of the global flight-tracking websites, enter the flight's departure date, along with either the flight number or the departure and destination information, in the search box on the site's home page. The search opens a page containing a map that shows the plane's live geographical position on its flight path and information about the flight's status, including estimated, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times.

To view flight status information on, select Travel Information on the home page and navigate to Arrivals and Departures in the Next 48 Hours under Flight Status and Schedule. Enter flight information in the search box to view updates.