How Can Tickets for TAM Airlines Be Purchased?


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Purchase TAM Airline tickets by visiting TAM.com.br and making an online booking, visiting a TAM ticket office or contacting a TAM call center. Alternatively, purchase TAM Airline tickets online through a travel site, such as Kayak.com or Orbitz.com.

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To make an online reservation direct with TAM.com.br, click on Change Country at the top of the home page to read booking instructions in English. Enter flight information in the search box, and click on Search to view available flights. Click on Compare Fare to view the services provided in each different class of fare before choosing a flight. Continue with the booking process by entering passenger information and adding optional extras, such as seat selection and additional baggage, before purchasing your tickets with a debit or credit card.

To find a TAM ticket office or call center, mouse over Contact on the TAM.com.br home page and navigate to Ticket Offices or Telephones.

To purchase TAM Airline flights on Kayak.com or Orbitz.com, click on Flights on either site's home page, enter flight details in the search box, and click on Search. Use the filter on the left-hand side of the screen to select TAM Airlines as the carrier and choose a flight from those listed before proceeding with the online booking process. Both sites take debit and credit card payment.

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