Where Can You Find a Template for a Hotel Room Reservation Letter?

Sample letter templates for a hotel room reservation letter can be found online through websites such as Hotel Bookings Online, CareerRide.com and Free Sample Letters. The sample hotel room reservation letter templates on Hotel Bookings Online and CareerRide.com are viewable online, while Free Bookings Online provides downloadable templates.

A room reservation letter typically includes the date, names and addresses of the hotel and intended guest, the dates and days of reservation arrival and departure, and the number of guests. A hotel room reservation letter template also gives space to confirm details such as dining and activities, as well as the terms of payment, the mode of payment, the number of rooms booked, the type of rooms booked and the details of the vacation package. The writer should state all important points of the hotel reservation for the convenience of both hotel management and the guests.

The addressee of a hotel room reservation or confirmation letter may be either the guest or the hotel management. The letter may serve also as an acknowledgement on behalf of hotel management of a reservation. A hotel room reservation letter is admissible for legal consideration in case of any issues between the hotel management and guest.