Where Can Students Find the 50 State Capitals?


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Students can find the names of the 50 capitals in books, atlases, online interactive maps of the United States and other online sources such as encyclopedias or sites that offer study lists for each state. A study list on the Unites States is a good source for this information because it may offer useful facts that include the specific profile of each state.

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Where Can Students Find the 50 State Capitals?
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For example, a study list might list the states and capitals in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama and ending with Wyoming. The capitals of these states are Montgomery and Cheyenne, respectively.

Some online sources contain interactive lists that provide information on the state and capital city populations, land area, state motto, history and when it entered the Union. For example, the capital of Arizona is Phoenix, which is the largest city in the state with a population of over 1.5 million inhabitants. Arizona became part of the Union in 1912.

Some states with their capitals include Juneau, Alaska; Sacramento as the capital of California; Springfield, Illinois and Topeka as Kansas's capital.

Another good place for students to find this information is in their geography or history books, especially if they are taking a course in U.S. geography.

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