How Can You Get a Southwest Mobile Boarding Pass?

Southwest mobile boarding passes are accessible electronically at or on the mobile Southwest app. Choose the mobile boarding pass option when checking in for flights at least one hour before the departure time. Mobile boarding passes are available through email, text message or in a mobile device browser.

After you have checked in and received the pass, Southwest recommends saving it to the mobile device. This allows easy access to the boarding pass even if an Internet connection is not available. On Android devices, save the pass as a picture in the photo gallery. For iOS users, add the boarding pass to Passbook for later retrieval.

The mobile boarding pass eliminates the need for a paper boarding ticket. Passengers still have the option to print a boarding pass online or at a self-service kiosk at the airport even after choosing the mobile board pass option.

Mobile boarding passes are available at all U.S. airports with Southwest flights. The service is not available for international flights. Most passengers qualify to request mobile boarding passes with some exceptions. Travelers receiving a special fare such as Military or Senior Fares, as well as nonrevenue passengers, infants and unaccompanied minors, cannot request a mobile boarding pass.

Passengers show the screen and a valid ID at the security gate. To board the plane, hold the mobile device under the scanner by the boarding door podium.