Where Can You Find the Selling Price Per Gallon for Amerigas?


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The terms and conditions to which Amerigas customers agree specify that Amerigas has the right to change its per-gallon price at any time, which means its selling price per gallon is never definite. In addition, Amerigas negotiates the per-gallon price individually with each customer.

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Amerigas's refusal to publish the selling price per gallon for its fuels has led to customers being charged higher price rates than the rates they had locked in for the season. A lawsuit in 2014, which resulted from an investigation into price gouging, led to a settlement of over $500,000 for customers in these circumstances, and Amerigas has now extended its locked rate program to all customers, removing the $99 fee from the program. Amerigas also plans to offer special discounts to customers who sign up under the program.

Organizations and residents' groups that bargain collectively are the most likely to get good deals on Amerigas per-gallon prices, since these prices typically correspond to wholesale prices due to the volumes required. Knowledge of propane prices in the local area can help customers negotiate. However, Amerigas is not committed to honoring a lower price that is agreed upon verbally until a lock-in period is negotiated and signed.

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