How can you find your seat on an Airbus A340?


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To find a seat location on an Airbus A340 online, pull up the website for the correct carrier, or use a third-party site such as SeatGuru.com, which displays seat maps for various carriers. To find a specific seat when on the plane, it helps to know the seating configuration.

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According to Airbus, the A340 typically has at least 300 seats. Carriers tend to exceed that number by either reducing the number of First Class or Business Class seats or by installing the seats with a shorter pitch. The pitch is the amount of space between a seat and the one in front. The placing of the cabins, the numbering of the rows and the lettering of the seats remains the same.

For example, on a seat map for SAS there are 343 seats divided into three cabins, Business Class, SAS Plus and Economy. Seat rows are numbered from 1 to 46, starting at the front of the aircraft. Seat lettering, starting with A, begins on the left side of the plane. Business Class has six seats across, SAS Plus has seven and Economy has eight.

To find a seat, either online or in person, look for the row, then find the seat designation, such as 1A or 24C. In Business Class, there is no C and no F. In SAS Plus, there is no C. Seat maps also note which seats don't recline and which seats must be assigned at the airport counter because they are in an exit row.

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