How Can You Find If There's Anything Interesting at an I-10 Exit?


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The Interstate 10 Exit Guide, I10ExitGuide.com, maps the entire highway and includes shops, services, restaurants and items of interest at each exit. The guide is broken down by state, and the exits are listed from west to east, beginning in Santa Monica, California.

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For example, if you are driving on I-10 through California, you would want to click on the California tab on the left hand side. This pulls up an explanation of the roadway and then the individual exits, listed chronologically. If there are multiple exits in the same location, such as in downtown Santa Monica, the exits are listed as (001) Exit 1A for the first exit and (001) Exit 1B for the second. The exit number doesn't change to (002) until you are outside of downtown.

As an example of exit listings, if you look at (002) Exit 2A/B on Centinela Avenue, it lists fast food restaurants, a grocery store and the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport. Some exits do carry the double letter designation. Once you get into the more rural areas along I-10, the exit identifiers are more straightforward, such as Exit 232 on Mesa Drive in Blythe.

When crossing the California/Arizona border, the exit numbers start back up at 100. On a roadway that stretches for 2,460 miles, this feature makes keeping track of locations easier. To check exits in another state, just click on one of the tabs along the top. The website also lists traffic and weather information for select cities.

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