Where Can You Review Current Pennsylvania Turnpike Travel Conditions Online?

As of March 2015, the best place to find information about current travel conditions is the Pennsylvania Turnpike's official website, PATurnpike.com. The website offers road and weather conditions, travel advisories and construction advisories. Users can search between specific interchanges or look at a map of the entire roadway.

From the home page of the Pennsylvania Turnpike website, the Travel Conditions Map link brings users directly to the overview map. Using a set of icons, the map alerts travelers to current incidents along the route. A map key at the bottom translates the symbols. Users can zoom and reposition the map to frame a specific location.

The website also features a Real Time Turnpike Conditions page. From there, users can select the starting and ending interchanges to view an overview of road conditions. The system automatically updates the number of advisories or warnings each time the page is loaded, so travelers can stay updated as they travel. Each section includes a link to a detail screen that explains the problem and the affected areas.

Travelers can also use the Turnpike's website to check information about tolls and E-Z Pass rules. The website includes details about service plazas, current design projects and the Preferred Traveler program.