How Can You Research Airplane Flight Paths?


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You can research an airplane's flight path using any website with live flight tracker technology, such as FlightAware.com. This website allows tracking of flights in a variety of ways, such as the flight number, the operator, the destination or arrival airport or the type of aircraft carrier.

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In the event that you forget the flight number, the website allows easy access to tracking by searching either via the airport codes, or just a partial name of the airport. For instance, if you know a flight is departing from New York but do not know if it is a JFK or LaGuardia departure, you simply can type "New York" in the search box. Even if there is not a specific flight you want to track, it allows you to simply select a random flight and all of the pertinent information, such as travel time, a map of the route, and estimated arrival time, pops up on your screen.

While Flightaware is not the only tool to research and track airplane flights, it was the first company to offer this service for free for both private and commercial air traffic. It provides private aviation flight tracking in over 50 countries across North America, Europe and Oceania.

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