Where Can You Find Quizzes on the Geography of Europe?


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Some websites that offer quizzes on the geography of Europe are Sheppard Software, Lizard Point and Ducksters. At the Sheppard Software site, there are tutorials and quizzes. This site provides quizzes for European capitals and countries at different levels, such as beginner, intermediate and expert.

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The Sheppard Software site also provides students with a list of all the European countries with their relevant information and puzzles on famous world landmarks. Additionally, there are many quizzes on other school subjects, including math, history and vocabulary.

At the Ducksters site, the quiz on Europe entails a student clicking on a map to identify the location of a country name given. Students get three guesses for each given country. The Lizard Point site asks a series of 47 questions on European geography that ask the location of different countries on a map. Students also get three guesses, and receive three points if they answer the question correctly on the first attempt.

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