Where Can You Purchase BART Discount Tickets for Seniors?

Bay Area Rapid Transit discount tickets for seniors are only sold through the mail and at select retail vendors throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Mail order forms and a list of applicable retail outlets are available at BART.gov. The regular BART ticket vending machines located at the stations do not sell senior discount tickets.

The BART Green Ticket offers a 62.5-percent discount for seniors 65 years and older, which means a $24 dollar ticket can be purchased for only $9.

Buyers can purchase a Green Ticket through the mail by filling out an official Tickets by Mail Program form and sending it along with a personal check or official Commuter Check to the address provided on the form. Additional blank forms are available online or can be picked up directly from a station agent.

Seniors can buy Green Tickets at the MyTransitPlus retailers located at select stations such as Bay Fair, Enbarcadero and Montgomery Street. The Customer Services Center at Lake Merritt Station sells senior discount tickets and accepts credit and debit cards for payment.

BART connects the San Francisco Peninsula with Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Dublin and other cities in the East Bay. The 44 stations active as of 2015 include 16 surface, 13 elevated and 15 subway stations.