How Can You Find Printable Maps for Kids?


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You can find printable maps for kids on NationalGeographic.com. On the home page in the menu bar, hover your mouse on "KIDS" and then click on "Education." Then, click on "Mapping" followed by "Mapping Home." Alternatively, you could visit Maps4Kids.com.

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There is a variety of maps available on nationalgeographic.com. You can download printable, 1-page maps of different continents, countries, and states. You can even customize the maps before you download them. You can also use "MapMaker Interactive," an interactive mapping experience with rich layers of information on the physical Earth, climate, oceans and culture. For example, interactive maps are available on the themes of population density, earthquakes, climate zones, ocean surface currents and stable food crops of various regions.

Other mapping activities for kids are also available. Students can learn about latitudes and longitudes and their importance and learn to locate places on a map. They can make a contour map or learn about the diverse origins of the place names of New York City.

Maps4Kids.com also has a wide range of maps available such as maps of countries and maps of the various states of America. Moreover, the site has lots of activities such as games of concentration, map puzzles and map quizzes for children.

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