How Can You Print a Map of Ireland?


Some Ireland tourism-related sites, such as and, provide downloadable and printable maps of Ireland. These sites offer accessible maps of the various administrative cities and municipal areas of the island.

The Tourism Ireland Info website offers downloadable maps that can viewed and printed directly through the Internet browser. The maps are in PDF format and require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to download. To print a map of Ireland from the, navigate to the site's home page and click Multimedia on the top menu. On the right sidebar menu, click Maps and then choose a map to download or print from the available selection. Open the downloaded file using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. On Adobe Acrobat or Reader, click File on the Menu bar and choose Print from the dropdown menu. Repeat the same steps when downloading and printing the other available Ireland Maps on the site.

The maps on can be viewed on the browser as an individual image file. To print the maps directly from the browser, go to's home page and click Research on the top menu. Under the Research tab, click Ireland Maps and then navigate to the right-side column to click and view a preferred map. Once the image is opened, click File on the browser's Menu bar and select Print on the dropdown menu. Make sure that a printer is connected to your device before attempting to print the Ireland maps.