Where can you find photos of Iran?


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Photo galleries of Iran can be found on the websites of the Daily Mail, Chicago Tribune, and National Journal. The first two photo collections capture scenery and daily life in modern Iran, while the latter showcases the country before the 1979 Revolution.

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Where can you find photos of Iran?
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The Daily Mail's gallery juxtaposes pictures of Iran's many ancient wonders and rural life with more modern locales. There are images of the ancient city of Perspolis, the tombs of the Achaemenid kings and the Amir Chakhmaq Housseinieh mixed with photos of apartment complexes in Shiraz, an Islamic cleric stepping out of a car in Yazd and a woman smoking a hookah while attending a poetry calligraphy workshop. Others show a shepherd at work and a goat standing up on its hind legs against a car while a family looks on in amusement.

The Chicago Tribune newspaper has an even wider selection of images, although the content is similar. Photos include two men playing a traditional Ghashghai game called Dorna Bazi, two women riding motor bikes in full motocross outfits and Iranians relaxing at an Internet cafe. Captions can be revealed by clicking a button beneath the pictures.

The National Journal's collection is of particular interest to history enthusiasts because it chronicles life before Islamic Revolution that brought the current Iranian government to power. For example, there is a picture of Chirine Tahmassab, Iran's first female foreign diplomat, wearing modern clothing and no head covering. There are also pictures of prominent Iranians, such as Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadagh and Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi.

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