Where Can You Find Parking for Rent Locally?


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Find parking for rent locally by using specialty parking locator tools such as Just Park and Parking Spotter or by searching for listings on general classifieds sites such as Craigslist, as of April 2015. Drivers should also consider renting a unit at a storage facility to park a car.

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Where Can You Find Parking for Rent Locally?
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To use the Just Park service to find a local parking spot, open the company's website or mobile app and enter in information about the driver's location, the date and time in which she wants to reserve the space and how much she wants to pay for it. This displays a list of parking spots available for reservation. The driver then reserves her desired spot, pays for it through the website and parks her car in the agreed spot at the requested time.

Locating a local parking spot through Craigslist works similar to the process of renting an apartment in that most listings on the site are for long-term agreements rather than on-demand parking. The exact rental terms and costs vary based on the person who posts the ad with the site taking no part in the negotiation process nor offering any mode of recourse in the event of an issue.

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