Where Can You Find Out If You Must Pay Tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission maintains a website for users to find out if they must pay tolls on the turnpike and what the toll is. Tolls are calculated based on the point of entrance and exit from the turnpike, weight class of the vehicle, number of axles on the vehicle and whether a driver is paying cash or using an E-Z Pass. Mileage for the trip is also displayed.

The Turnpike Commission has nine weight classes of vehicles with graduated pricing for each as well as seven axle classes. Both are factored when determining the price of a toll. For normal passenger vehicles, the determining factors for a toll will simply be distance and whether an E-Z Pass is being used.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike discounts tolls for drivers using an E-Z Pass. The E-Z Pass is a radio frequency transponder. As drivers pass through an E-Z Pass entrance or exit, an antenna below the E-Z Pass sign reads the transponder and records when the vehicle has entered and left the turnpike. Afterward, a toll is calculated and deducted from the driver's pre-paid E-Z Pass balance.

The E-Z Pass lanes also have cameras and fine drivers by mail who do not have a transponder, have a license plate that does not match their transponder or who go over their pre-paid balance. If a driver accidentally exits the turnpike through an E-Z Pass lane, they can avoid the fine they receive by sending in payment within 60 days for the standard toll along with their toll ticket and a brief explanation of their appeal.