How Can You Find Out How Many Air Miles Points You Have?


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You can check the number of air miles points you on the website of your flyer loyalty program. The loyalty program may be accessible through the website of the airline offering the loyalty program or a special air miles website.

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How Can You Find Out How Many Air Miles Points You Have?
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You typically need to log into a specific membership program, which requires you to have your credentials on hand. You can find your membership identification number on the membership card that the airline issues to you upon registration. Once you have access to the account, you can check out the points you have accumulated on your account. Additionally, you can call an air miles support line and talk to one of the program's representatives.

Practically every airline has its own loyalty program. If you have signed up for several loyalty programs, you can opt to sign in to individual sites or visit an all-inclusive website, such as Points.com, which gives you access to account information for all the programs from a central place. This site and others like it also allow you to manage individual accounts without moving from browser to browser.

Once you understand the points you have accumulated, you can track changes, buy more, redeem them for air miles or exchange them for cash.

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