How Can One Use the Princess Cruise Personalizer?

Princess Cruise passengers can use the Princess Cruise personalizer tool by using either a registered account or by using their booking information details. To log into the Princess Cruise personalizer tool using an account, the user is required to enter both their email address and personal password. Passengers accessing the tool with their booking information are required to enter their first name, last name, date of birth and booking number.

The Princess Cruise personalizer allows a passenger to arrange for an online check-in to their trip and access various cruise planning features. The tool also provides passengers access to flight bookings, spa appointments and excursion bookings during their trip.

Princess Cruise is a cruising company that first began operations in 1965 with a single route to Mexico. As of 2015, the company is stated to be the world's third largest cruise line and carries approximately 1.7 million guests on its various ships annually. Princess Cruise's fleet includes 18 different ships of various sizes with another ship scheduled to be added by 2017.

Princess Cruise offers a wide variety of holiday options that range from three days to 114 days at sea. The company's travel routes extend to six different continents and includes approximately 300 different destinations and ports.

Princess Cruises requires a traveler to fill out the Cruise Personalizer seven days before the cruise departs. The user confirms personal information and agrees to the passenger contract and terms and conditions. The personalizer allows the traveler to indicate any special requests or requirements. Travelers also have the option to reserve appointments for spa treatments or shore excursions. The Cruise Personalizer also provides access to a travel summary and the option to print a boarding pass.