How Can One Collect Air Miles?


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Frequent-flyer programs (FFP) allow customers to accumulate air miles by flying on a particular airline or by using affiliated airlines and other companies. Some programs also allow users to earn miles by using a affiliated credit or debit card, such as JetBlue Card from American Express.

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How Can One Collect Air Miles?
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The first frequent-flyer program started as a promotional program for United Airlines and provided members with plaques and promotional materials. Nowadays, nearly every airline has its own FFP or is affiliated with another FFP that offers air miles to customers. One famous incident involving a FFP occurred when a man bought over 12,000 individual servings of pudding because a loophole allowed purchasers of the product to receive a certain amount of miles per purchase. He exploited this by buying the pudding at $0.25, thereby gaining a higher return in airline miles.

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