How Can One Book Overnight Parking at Logan Airport?


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Customers do not need to book overnight parking ahead of time at Logan International Airport. Those needing to park their car overnight at the airport can check the airport's website for parking locations, rates and conditions ahead of time. Once at the airport, customers only need to park their car in the desired spot and take their parking ticket with them.

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Customers wishing to park overnight at Logan International Airport can use the following steps to secure a space:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the website for Logan International Airport and click on "Parking Information." Click on "Where to Park/Rates" to view the different parking options. Economy Parking is the most affordable parking options. Those who need easy access to terminals may want to consider the Central Parking Garage. The parking lots near Terminal E is an option for those flying from that terminal. Those flying from Terminal B have the option of parking at the Terminal B Garage.

  3. View the current parking conditions
  4. Before driving to the airport, customers should click on the "Current Parking Conditions" to view which lots still have open parking spaces.

  5. Drive to airport and park car
  6. Drive to Logan International Airport and park in the desired lot.

  7. Take the parking ticket
  8. Take the parking ticket when leaving the lot. Customers will need this ticket to pay before returning to their car. Parking should be paid at a Exit Express Parking Pay Station.

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