Where Can You Find the Obituaries for London, Ontario?


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The obituaries for London, Ontario can be found online through the appropriate section of the London Free Press and CanadaObits.ca. InMemorium.ca, another site, allows visitors to access obituaries from London, Ontario and create memorial sites in honor of their loved ones, drawing from 135 newspapers.

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YourLifeMoments.ca, accessible through the London Free Press' website, allows people to add personal notes and photographs to each online obituary. However, the obituaries appearing on CanadaObits.ca are provided by various funeral homes, including notes on when and where funeral services are going to be held. The London, Ontario section of InMemorium.ca is somewhat limited, containing only 59 announcements, but they come directly from print sources.

Obituaries can vary drastically between people, according to Pennsylvania State University. They generally contain the person's name, their age, their birth and death dates, their community affiliations, accomplishments and the names of the people surviving. Newspapers typically reserve a section for obituaries, though celebrities and well-known people sometimes receive a front-page announcement. Although some newspapers have staff that write the obituaries, others allow the families to submit their own for a small fee. Some people have written their own obituaries in preparation for their deaths.

Obituaries are sometimes prematurely written for celebrities, states Pennsylvania State University. In one famous case, Mark Twain's obituary was published while he was still living.

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