How Can You Find the Nearest Speedway Gas Station Location?


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As of 2015, Speedway offers a gas price search feature on its website, which is a simple way to find the nearest gas station's address. Drivers may also use online mapping services, such as Google Maps to locate Speedway stations.

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How Can You Find the Nearest Speedway Gas Station Location?
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Speedway's website offers drivers extensive information about its service stations with its gas price tool. The only input one needs to provide is either a city and state or a ZIP code, and the tool identifies Speedway stations and sorts them by distance. For each station found, the information shown includes the station's location along with the current price of all available gasoline grades and a list of other amenities offered at each particular location.

Drivers may consider sorting stations by price as opposed to distance, as there may be considerable variation in prices between locations. To illustrate, as of May 31, 2015, regular unleaded gasoline prices ranged from $2.39 to $2.89 per gallon at Speedway stations within 10 miles of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If planning a long trip, Speedway's trip planner tool is useful; you only need to provide the starting and ending locations for a drive. This tool identifies conveniently located Speedway stations along the roads you would use to travel between the two addresses, not just near the starting and ending points.

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