How Can You Find Nearby Plumbing Shops?

How Can You Find Nearby Plumbing Shops?

Handy homeowners can usually find plumbing supplies through local hardware stores, such as Lowe's. They can also search the Yellow Pages for listings of plumbing supply shops.

Plumbing supply stores are not as prevalent as hardware stores, but it is possible to find some. The Yellow Pages is available to search both in print and online. The online site is fairly easy to use.

  1. Go to the Yellow Pages site
  2. Visit Type in "Plumbing shop" near "local city" in the search form on the main page. Click on the "Search" button to see a results page of nearby shops.

  3. Review the listings
  4. Scroll through the listings for a likely option. Each one should list the address and a phone number to call in. Some may also have star ratings under the shop name left by previous customers. If there are actual plumbers and other services mixed into the list, homeowners can use the "Filter" tool link at the top of the list to narrow it by "Plumbing fixtures, parts and supplies" under "Category."

  5. Select a store
  6. Click on the store name to go to either the store's business website or a more in-depth page on Yellow Pages. The page lists the hours, types of products available and accepted payment method and feature a mini Google Map with the store located on it.