Where Can a Michigan ZIP Code Directory Be Found?


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When looking for a ZIP code for a particular mailing address or municipality, online resources are the quickest and most reliable source of information. The United States Postal Service and various third-party organizations provide ZIP code manifests on their websites that are easily searchable.

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Many of these online services provide mapping systems that represent the various ZIP code regions geographically and allow the user to search based on known mailing addresses.

With nearly two-thousand unique ZIP codes in Michigan, each major city in the state is assigned upwards of 30 unique ZIP codes, and hundreds of ZIP codes are assigned to rural areas based on geographic region. While Michigan's ZIP codes range from 48001 to 49971, not every sequential ZIP code corresponds to a region within the state. ZIP codes frequently skip numerals to leave space for adding additional ZIP code regions in the future, or for major organizations that require unique ZIP codes based on the volume of mail dealt with on a daily or annual basis.

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