How Can You Get a Mexican Passport in Dallas?

Mexican passports are issued by the Mexican consulate at 1210 River Bend Drive in Dallas, Texas. Paperwork proving Mexican citizenship is required to receive a passport from the consulate.

The Mexican consulate issues passports by appointment only. An appointment can be arranged either by calling the Mexitel system at 1-877-639-4835 or by using the consulate's online system, which requires opening an account, as of 2015.

Once you make an appointment, paperwork proving that you are a Mexican national is required to process your application. The consulate accepts an original birth certificate, a letter of naturalization or a certificate of Mexican nationality as sufficient proof. An official form of photo identification is also necessary. The Mexican consulate accepts a Mexican or U.S. driver's license, a green card, a voter ID, or a school ID. A sealed school transcript or a sealed diploma is also be acceptable if a photo is on the document.

The processing fee varies depending on how long the passport is valid. A one-year passport incurs a $32 fee, while a three-year passport costs $74. The longest validity period available is six years, which costs $101. The consulate accepts cash, money orders or credit/debit card payments for passport fees.