How Can You Get the Megabus $1 Ticket?

Get the Megabus $1 ticket by being one of the first to book a seat on a particular bus, as of 2015. A good strategy is to book significantly in advance and to be flexible about your dates and destinations.

The cheap bus fares are the first to go, and there are only one or two available on each bus. Search for tickets on buses that run in one month from your booking date if possible, and book as far in advance as possible. Weekday journeys tend to be less sought-after than weekend trips. Buy a $1 ticket on a bus service to somewhere you might want to travel. Even if you ultimately decide that you do not want to claim your bus seat, your loss is only $1 plus the $0.50 booking charge.

Megabus offers its $1 fares for only a few seats on each bus. Once they have been purchased, fare prices rise immediately, typically more than once toward prices upwards of $20. Since the availability of the limited $1 fares depends on the number of people that book them, there is not a set time frame for these early bird fares. To increase your chances of getting a $1 fare, check the Megabus website's fare calendar to see how far in advance one can purchase tickets. If the maximum advance booking time is, for example, six months, choose a travel date as close to six months in the future as possible, as more $1 fares may remain available.

Also note that while Megabus does allow customers to purchase tickets via phone, this services comes with a $5 fee. Consequently, online booking, despite having its own $1.50 booking fee, remains the lowest cost purchasing method for those looking to get a $1 fare.