How Can You View Maps of U.S. States Online?

Maps of individual states within the United States are available online at This website provides a full map of the United States that allows users to click on individual states for detailed maps showing each state?s major towns, roadways, parks, waterways and major attractions.

Accompanying each map is a description of the history and geography of each state, as well as a list of notable attractions. Links on each state page lead visitors to other more specialized state maps, including railroad, museum, area code, golf course and airport maps. Topographical maps give a picture of the layout of the land, while city maps allow the viewer to zoom in and examine features of select important towns and cities in each state. There is also a link on each state page to a Google map version of the state.

Other fun items accompanying the state maps are lists and information on state symbols, infographics of state facts, latitude and longitude maps, and maps of select state hotels. Blank state maps that show merely the outline of the state and the location of the state capital are also available. The website provides links to National Geographic Society maps available for purchase.