Where Can You Find Maps and Directions?


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MapQuest and Google Maps are two of the preeminent interactive mapping systems available online, both designed to generate reactive directions between a point of departure and a destination or along a series of destinations. The two mapping systems differ in many ways, but both provide text or visual directions after users enter their addresses and the addresses they wish to reach.

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Where Can You Find Maps and Directions?
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MapQuest provides several additional features, including generating lists of directions. The website can also link users to portals where they can rent cars, pay for hotel rooms and perform other travel-based necessities. It also helps users to find entertainment, restaurants and many other basic services along their routes.

MapQuest also has a utility that allows users to get a live quote on gas prices along a given route. Users can reconfigure their travel plans to maximize efficiency and get the best rates on travel expenses ranging from gas to accommodation, provided they are willing to spend some time with the interface and comparing routes.

Google Maps is a detailed, inclusive mapping utility which includes the well-known Street View feature. This allows users to zoom in and view composite photographs taken of almost any location along roads in the United States and many other countries.

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