Where Can You Find Maps of All the Countries in Africa?


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Maps detailing each African country are available on the Internet through InfoPlease.com, WorldAtlas.com and NationsOnline.org. Each source provides detailed plots of each of the 54 sovereign countries and three territories, along with a variety of background information on each country.

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Where Can You Find Maps of All the Countries in Africa?
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After selecting the "Atlas" feature from the "World" header at InfoPlease.com, simply click on Africa to display an alphabetized list of African countries. Click on any country to display a colorful map of that country. Select the country's "profile" link for more information on the geography, government and history of the nation.

At WorldAtlas.com, simply click on the continent of Africa from the globe displayed on the homepage. The next screen displays the entire continent and geographical boundaries of each respective country. Once you select a particular nation, the site displays a detailed outline of the country, color-coded by elevation and including major cities, landmarks and rivers. Below the map, the website displays a brief history of the country. Select the "Fast Facts" and "Geography" headers to learn more about the country or select "Maps" for additional charts and maps.

Select Africa from the list of continents at NationsOnline.org to display key facts about the continent, with a hyperlinked list of each country within Africa just below. Select a country to display a profile for that country, and access several large maps through the "Maps" header on the same screen.

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