Where Can You Find a Map of the West Coast of Florida?

Maps of Florida's west coast are available online from MapQuest and the Southwest Florida Travel Guide websites. Both maps include communities, beaches, roadways, points of interest and parks along the coast.

MapQuest users can zoom in to the Florida coast map to view smaller towns, roads and attractions, and MapQuest's search engine enables them to locate specific towns or beaches along the coast. Travel tabs at the top of the map identify travel services, bars and restaurants, shopping and lodging in the region, while a live traffic feed shows traffic patterns for coastal highways. The map is also available as a satellite image and is free for users to print.

Southwest Florida Travel Guide's website provides a Google map of the region that identifies coastal cities with red pin icons. Users can click on the icons to view city names, and a View More link with each name takes users to a more detailed map of that town. As with MapQuest, users can also zoom in on regions on the map to see more detail, and they can also view satellite and terrain maps. Select interactive street images for cities in the region are available with the Street View tool.