Where Can You Find a Map of South Vietnam?


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A variety of maps of South Vietnam can be found at vietnamveteransmemoral.homestead.com. The maps on this site show the different political and geographical regions important to the history of South Vietnam, in particular how they evolved during the Vietnam War.

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One of the maps on this site shows various road and railroad networks across Vietnam, as well as major cities and capitals. Another map gives information on the provinces of Vietnam and their respective capitals in 1967. This map includes military corps boundaries and their areas of influence. Another map breaks down the provinces of Vietnam in greater detail, showing their villages and towns as well as cities.

This site includes maps of South Vietnam that focus on the military details of the Vietnam War. One map shows the location of medical units and hospital ships stationed in the country during this period, whereas another map illustrates each military unit's area of control in South Vietnam and provides the symbols each unit used to differentiate itself. A close-up map identifies important U.S. military divisions in Saigon, a key location of the Vietnam War. Another close-up map focuses on the U.S. military divisions in the Tay Ninh region northwest of Saigon.

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