Where Can You Find a Map Showing the Peak Fall Foliage of an Area?


Peak fall foliage maps and information are provided by many websites, including Smokymountains.com, The Weather Channel and Stormfax. Many state websites also have state or regional information available.

Each of these sites provides specific information on peak fall foliage in the United States and some are more up-to-date than others. The Weather Channel, for example, offers national and regional maps and was last updated in March of 2015. As of 2014, Smokymountains.com contained an interactive national map displaying peak foliage regions based on the date selected by the user. Some sites, such as Smokymountains.com, analyze data to generate a predictive map, whereas others, such as The Weather Channel, display data from reporting locations. The Stormfax site is a resource aggregator with links to state foliage sites and reports.