Where Can You Find a Map of Peak Viewing Spots for Fall Leaves?


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Online weather forecast sites, such as Weather.com and Stormfax.com, provide maps of fall foliage in the United States. Fall foliage maps are also available on Smokymountains.com and the websites of some states, including the states of Michigan, Maine and Minnesota.

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Where Can You Find a Map of Peak Viewing Spots for Fall Leaves?
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Weather.com provides maps of foliage reporting locations, such as in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast United States. The maps on the site show a simple flat map with foliage indicators, such as patchy, near peak, peak and past peak. StormFax presents an interactive map that indicates the fall foliage conditions in the United States during the fall season. Click over the name of a state to visit the official website of and view the current fall foliage report from that specific state. StormFax also offers a complete nationwide list of state and regional fall foliage hotlines in the country.

A team from Smokymountains.com generated a fall foliage map that shows the peak fall in the United States. The map shows a progressive changing of the leaves in various parts of the country. The map uses a unique algorithm that allows online users to check the peak fall by county. The team uses data from the National Weathers Service such as the historical and forecast temperatures and precipitation, as well as the historical peak trends and leaf peak.

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