Where Can You Find a Map of the Pacific Crest Trail?


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A map of the Pacific Crest Trail can be found on several geographic and governmental websites, such as the Pacific Crest Trail Association website and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service web page. The maps listed on these websites are interactive, showing mileage charts and more.

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Both of these websites provide detailed maps of the Pacific Crest Trail along with visitor information and photos of the region. For example, the Pacific Crest Trail Association provides a combination political and physical map that shows the current snow depth, volunteer projects and mile markers located on the trail. This web page also links to supplementary paper and digital maps of the trail, such as "halfmile" and wilderness maps, along with other Google maps. Additionally, the USDA's Forest Service map is also both political and physical, as well as interactive. It allows viewers to zoom in and out, and it also features a Google Earth Street View of specific locations along the trail. Also, the Pacific Crest Trail Association offers other information about the trail, such as conditions and closures, permits, hiking guides and an FAQ. The USDA's Forest Service website provides historical and volunteer information about the Pacific Crest Trail.

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