Where Can You Find a Map of Italy's Cinque Terre?


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Many online resources provide maps of Cinque Terre, an area in Italy composed of five villages nestled along the sea. About.com, WanderingItaly.com and LonelyPlanet,com are three websites with extensive information, as well as illustrated maps specific to certain kinds of activities available in Cinque Terre.

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About.com has several links to travel information and maps for hiking the trails in Cinque Terre. There is also an extensive gallery of images that catalogs the sights along the hike. The first-person perspective is helpful way to get comfortable with the idea of planning a trek through unknown regions.

WanderingItaly.com has travel guides, transportation maps and illustrated maps for trail hiking, with plenty of resources about how to get there and what to do when after arrival.

LonelyPlanet.com provides detailed galleries of photos in addition to recommendations on places to stay, the top things to do, and essential information about getting around. There are also direct links to sightseeing tours and guided trekking. Lonely Planet also stays current with important information about the hiking trails in Cinque Terre, as flash flooding is common there, and it is necessary to check the status of the area before making plans to visit and hike the region.

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