Where Can You Find a Map of Italy?

can-map-italy Credit: Sam Edwards/Caiaimage/Getty Images

A large map of Italy can be found on the Maps of World, World Atlas, Lonely Planet and About.com websites. The map shows both topographical and political information. Cities, major roads, rivers and borders are also shown on the map, along with airports, national parks and major tourist locations.

The Lonely Planet website offers a political map of Italy as well as a large selection of maps of Italian cities. The website also has a guide of Italy that includes information about the Italian Republic. The maps on this website aid in transportation throughout Italy.

A printable map of Italy can be obtained by visiting the Italy Magazine website. The website offers a downloadable, PDF map of Italy that includes major cities, roads and rivers.

A topographical map shows the geography of the country. The Alps marks Italy's northern border with Monte Bianco, the highest point at over 15,000 feet. Just south of the Alps is the Po River Valley, the agricultural hub of the country and the most fertile farmland. The country's longest river, the Po River, flows through it. Another mountain range, the Apennines, runs the length of the country and over to Sicily. Low plains descend from either side of the range to the east and west coast.

Other maps show the cities and roads of Italy. Rome is situated on Italy's western coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Just south of Rome lies Naples on the Gulf of Naples. North of Rome sits Florence on the western slopes of the Apennines. Venice, Milan and Verona are all located in northern Italy in the Po Valley. Venice lies on the east coast of Italy and the Adriatic Sea. Italy's two major islands are Sicily and Sardinia. Sicily contains one of the largest volcanoes, Mount Etna. Sicily's major cities include Palermo, Siracusa and Agrigento.