Where Can You Find a Map of Florida Turnpike Exits?

can-map-florida-turnpike-exits Credit: marchello86/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The website for Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise offers a detailed map of Florida Turnpike exits. The Florida Department of Transportation's website also links directly to the maps provided by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

The Florida Turnpike System is comprised of nine roadways, and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise's website has maps for each roadway. The site also provides traveler information regarding tolls, service plazas and real-time traffic updates. Information on the Florida Highway Patrol, safety laws and turnpike construction are included on the site.

The Florida Turnpike Authority website also has a map of Turnpike exits and plazas. This site includes lodging information for each exit. Sunpass electronic transponders for passing through the toll booth can be purchased through the website.