Where Can You Find a Map of Diesel Fuel Prices?


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A map of past and present diesel fuel prices in the United States is available on YCharts.com. The price chart is shown as a line graph with price changes over a five-year period.

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Where Can You Find a Map of Diesel Fuel Prices?
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The YCharts retail price chart for diesel fuel shows the current price in dollars per gallon highlighted on the right side of the chart. The prices listed for other dates during the past five years appear when the mouse icon scrolls over a corresponding point on the graph. Users can see snapshots of how current prices compare to those of previous weeks and years. This information comes from the Energy Information Administration, and the site reveals a full listing of data used in the chart. Five-day, one-month, one-year and 10-year price maps are also available, but these are only viewable to YCharts members.

The main factors affecting the cost of diesel fuel include the present costs of crude oil, the costs of refining oil, current tax rates and the costs and profits of distribution and marketing. Local, state and federal taxes are included in the posted price of a gallon of diesel fuel. Supply and demand can affect these prices, but crude oil cost is the largest factor.

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