Where Can You Find a Map of the British West Indies?


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Several printable maps of the British West Indies are available online through MapsOfWorld.com and WorldAtlas.com. Some online retailers, including NationalGeographic.com and SwiftMaps.com, also sell laminated, framed and canvas-printed maps of the British West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico region.

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The British West Indies maps provided by MapsOfWorld.com and WorldAtlas.com show the string of islands from the Bahamas to Trinidad and Tobago separating the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. These maps are political maps, meaning they show the borders between countries and relevant major cities, but they do not include topographical, climate or road information. In addition to the map, WorldAtlas.com features a chart listing all 25 countries in the West Indies and their capital cities, areas and populations. MapsOfWorld.com also offers a detailed British West Indies informational page, including country flags, time zones, geography and coordinates.

The maps on the aforementioned sites can be printed at home using a regular printer, but those who would like to purchase a larger British West Indies map to use as a decoration or educational tool can visit numerous online shops that sell framed and laminated maps printed on paper or canvas. NationalGeographic.com offers laminated maps of the West Indies from 1981, but some other retailers sell older maps of the region. For example, SwiftMaps.com sells reproductions of an antique 1715 West Indies map, which the site offers as both a print and a wallpaper.

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