How Can You Find the Lowest Gas Prices in an Area?

There are several online search tools allowing users to find the lowest gas prices in a given local area, such as and the government-maintained Fuel Economy website at GasBuddy allows users to browse by state or to search by city or ZIP code.

GasBuddy also displays the average regular gas prices by state and city, along with information on whether the price has gone up, down or remained the same. For Canadian users or people visiting Canada, the website also lists the average regular gas prices by province and city. Users can also view historical gas price data and statistics, along with maps displaying gas prices.

At the government Fuel Economy website, users can view gas prices by cities within a state to find the lowest.

There are also a number of mobile gas price apps available for download, including Gas Guru, Waze, Dash and MapQuest Gas Prices. Unlike GasBuddy and a number of other apps that collect gas price information from users, Gas Guru gathers its data directly from the Oil Price Information Service for up-to-the-minute accuracy. It also provides directions to the gas stations offering the best rates.

Waze, which allows users to record traffic information and locations of police cars, also offers a feature for finding the cheapest gas. Users may have various opinions on the accuracy of the information featured in crowd-sourced apps, and prices may not always be up-to-date, depending on the geographic area.

The MapQuest Gas Prices app, in conjunction with the MapQuest GPS app, can be personalized to provide directions to the cheapest gas stations in an area by the user's gas station preference and fuel grade.