Where Can You Look up Auto Body Shops for Rent?

Locate auto body shops for rent on classifieds and property listing sites, such as LoopNet, Trovit, Craigslist and OLX. The amount and quality of information varies between listings and sites, so renters should always visit the property in person before committing to any lease.

Renting an auto body shop is similar to renting any other commercial property in that there are many factors to consider and understand prior to signing a rental agreement with the landlord. In addition to inspecting the functionality and general condition of the auto body equipment, such as maintenance areas, hydraulic lifts and work rooms, tenants need to consider renewal costs and continual fees. It is best for small businesses to sign a one- or two-year lease on a property to avoid renting a place that either doesn't work for the specific business or limits its growth. Tenants also need to outline clear terms for the renewal of the lease, if the tenant chooses to do so, with guidelines for any increase in rent at that time.

Both parties need to understand the fees associated with renting a commercial property, which must be included in clear terms within the lease. A tenant needs to find out how she pays for utilities, such as per use or based on the square footage of the property.