How Can You Locate a Boeing 787 Seating Chart?


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Visit the websites of airlines that fly the Boeing 787, such as United Airlines, Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic, to locate seating charts. Alternatively, visit SeatMaestro.com or SeatGuru.com to locate a Boeing 787 seating chart by airline name or flight number.

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To locate the right seating chart, you need to know the aircraft in which you are flying as the Boeing 787 comes in two different versions: the 787-9 (789) and the 787-8 (788). Furthermore, the seating configurations vary among carriers. For example, the configuration of Business Class seating in United Airline's 787-8 is quite different from that of Air Canada's 787-8.

SeatMaestro.com suggests additional ways to find a seating chart for the type of aircraft in which you are flying in the section Find Seat Maps. SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com enable you to search for the seat plans by airline name or flight number.

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