How Can You View Local Road Conditions?


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View local traffic information by visiting the Federal Highway Administration's traffic and road closure information page online. Alternately, check local media reports, including TV news channels and websites, radio stations, and social media pages.

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The traffic and road closure page at fhwa.dot.gov/trafficinfo offers links to each state. Click on the state, and then zoom to a local area for up-to-date traffic reports, construction information and road closure listings. This page also lists links for local media sites that offer traffic information for some areas. Each state's page is operated by the state's department of transportation. Traffic cam views, trip times, traffic speeds and even precipitation details are available, depending on the state's capabilities.

Find more traffic information by checking out local media sources. Tune in to local news channels for road conditions, particularly during inclement weather situations. Live traffic reports are broadcast every few minutes during morning and evening commutes. Radio stations also offer traffic reports, road closings and other road condition information. Websites for both news and radio stations may contain traffic bulletins as well.

Use social media for updated road conditions. Facebook and Twitter feature official traffic reports for many cities and towns, and users can report traffic trouble, delays, congestion and other pertinent information by posting on these pages. News and radio stations may have their own pages where traffic reporters post information for users.

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