Where Can You Find Listings of Eppley Airfield Arrivals?

Where Can You Find Listings of Eppley Airfield Arrivals?

The Eppley Airfield website displays a list of upcoming arrival flights on the right side of the homepage. The same information is also available by clicking the Flight Information tab at the upper-left side of any page on the website.

The information on the Eppley Airfield Flight Information page defaults to show arrivals. The departures are listed on a separate tab. The chart lists flights coming into the airport for the current day. The last date and time the list was updated appears at the bottom of the chart.

The first column of the chart shows the airline and the flight number of each arrival. The second column shows where the flight originated. The third column shows the gate of the arrival. The final column displays the time of the arrival.

The time column also shows updates to the arrival time. If different than the original, it shows "Now" with the new time, such as "Now 8:35pm." Once the plane lands at Eppley Airfield, the Time column displays the actual arrival time, followed by the word "Arrived."

Website users have the option of searching for a specific flight arrival by using the search bar just above the chart. The user enters the search criteria, clicks the Arrivals option and clicks Get Flight Info to display matching flight arrivals.