Where Can You Find a List of Malls in New Jersey?

A list of New Jersey malls can be found at MallsInfo.com, MallsinPhilly.com and MallSeeker.com. MallsInfo.com lists 37 different malls that include 3,935 stores, as of 2015. The site includes each mall’s address, phone number, stores and links to the mall's website.

Consumer reviews are posted on MallsInfo.com, as well as shopping hours, directions and nearby hotels. Site visitors can click on the mall to see exactly what stores are included and also post a review. This website is not limited to New Jersey and includes malls throughout the country listed by state.

MallsinPhilly.com features an alphabetical list of New Jersey malls that also includes outlet malls. This website posts popular related links such as coupon offers, job openings and top-searched malls. A mall link includes its address and phone number, website, directory and Facebook page. A section on popular restaurants is also included, as well as ads and a special events calendar.

MallSeeker.com lists all the malls in New Jersey as well as border state malls within a 20-mile radius. The exact distance in miles is provided and there is also a list of links to each of the border state malls. A site visitor can enter a ZIP code and view the closest shopping malls in the surrounding areas.