Where Can You Find a List of International Airports?


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International airport information may be found on websites such as World Airport Finder or One World Nations Online. Some provide the information in map form, while others provide a list. Information on specific countries as well as individual airports is also available.

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The World Airport Finder international section opens up to a map of the world with major international airports pinpointed. Below that are lists of the continents with the countries having international airports beneath them. The United States has its own category. Selecting a country or, in the case of the United States, a state, brings up a map with all airports listed. The international airports are highlighted in red.

One World Nations Online provides an alphabetical list of all airports. If an airport name is known, the letter is selected from the search list. The user scrolls down to that airport. If the city is known, it's typed into the search bar. The site also provides a search for International Air Transport Association codes used for each airport.

IATA codes, usually three letters or a combination of letters and numbers, are used by the airline industry as a simplified way to identify airports, book tickets and move baggage. The public usually sees these codes on airline tickets or on airline issued baggage tags.

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